Food Fight Game Mode

Food Fight was a limited time only game mode that Fortnite players were able to play in November 2018. The game mode featured two fictional restaurants. One of which is Durrr Burger and the other one is Pizza Pit. The rules of the mode were very simple. Two teams protecting their restaurants mascot while trying to kill the enemy teams mascot to win the game. Each team would be in either side of the map with a barrier running down in the middle that lowers after 7 minutes. Which is the given time to players for building a base around their mascot head.

Eliminated players would respawn in 7 seconds keeping some of their inventory. Since you had to build a fort around the mascot head you’re protecting, gathering resources have few bonuses. Building resources that founded on the ground increased to 50% from 20%. And 100% extra resources gained from gathering.  If the mascot head is destroyed, that team would lose the game.

You can watch the Food Fight trailer from below.