Fortnite Dance Lawsuit

Epic Games have faced lawsuit for copying other other people’s dance moves. Since when copying a dance step has became a legal issue and can you copyright a dance? Well, that is exactly what Brooklyn rapper ”2 Milly”, Alfonso Ribeiro(from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Instagram celebrity ”Backpack Kid” accused Epic Games of copying/stealing their dance steps.

As of today all of the cases have been dropped temporarily. Alfonso Ribeiro dropped his claims after the US Supreme Court decided in a seperate case that a person can not file a copyright violation unless the US Copyright Office has granted the application. Alfonso Ribeiro had applied in the past to copyright his signature dance moves but rejected by the office. Resulting in drop of the lawsuit.

On the other hand 2 Milly and the ”Backpack Kid” had to drop their cases against Epic Games as well but not because they were denied by the US Copyright Office, but was because of the procedural reasons. Epic Games has stated seeking to dismiss the lawsuit filed by 2 Milly as nobody can own a dance step/move. Also stated ”Copyright law is clear that individual dance steps and simple dance routines are not protected by the copyright.”

So far all of the cases have been dismissed and there is no lawsuits that Epic Games is facing.