Fortnite Patch Notes v10.30

v10.31 update has just been released by Epic Games. Although it took a little bit more time than usual weekly updates, this one brings in almost no changes to the weapons and items found in the game but there are significant adjustments on the Storm Circle.

Storm Circle

It was noted that when the last circle was ending in certain locations, it became something out of touch for many players. Especially when it ended in Tilted Town. From this patch, the locations below will not be subjected to last circles.

  • Retail Row
  • Greasy Grove
  • Tilted Town
  • Moisty Palms

This quality of life change is definitely going to bring the more competitive building and players who want to get that sweet sweet Victory Royale must entirely depend on their aim. Also, the bug where ziplines would give players an unintended effect has been fixed therefore ziplines are now re-enabled.

Weapon Fix

If you have AC/DC and Star Wand pickaxes in your inventory, you can now use them since the bug where these two particular pickaxes wouldn’t deal any damage has been fixed.

Party Hub now added to the Mobile. It is an interactive tab where you can view your friends, see who’s online, voice-chat, and play together in the same game. The Mobile will now also feature multitasking availability for iPads which you can launch 2 Fortnite Mobile apps and play as two in the same iPad.

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