Fortnite Season 9 First Update, What to Expect?

Fortnite Battle Royale will get its first update for Season 9 as of tomorrow. Epic announced that we will be getting the Tactical Assault Rifle but what are the other things that we will be getting you may ask, well, keep reading!

Fortnite developer Epic Games is widely known for releasing new content every week, collaborating with other titles, and coming up with their own version of everything. It almost feels like Fortnite is a world on its own with all the storylines taking place after each Seasonal update and the renovations we get on the map are spectacular to witness.

The main source that we get these updates are the data miners who worked hard so far up until this point to reveal the next big thing in Fortnite. Ever since Season 8 started, the data miners were pointing at a volcanic eruption and it came out to be true! At the start of Season 9, the volcano erupted, destroying Tilted Towers, wiping out half of Retail Row, cracking the ice at Polar Peak, creating Pressure Plant, and Neo Tilted! The first update after the season start is going live tomorrow, May 15 and we already know a couple of things that we will be seeing with this update.

Tactical Assault Rifle

First things first, we know as of today tomorrow is the release date of the Tactical Assault Rifle. A weapon that Epic already revealed today and gave us some quick information about how it works and where can we use it. According to the in-game newsfeed, it uses light ammo and has a fast rate of fire even though it is an assault rifle. The in- game description of the weapon reads “This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters.”

While most assault rifles are good at mid-range, it is possible that this new piece of beauty is going to fall somewhere between a traditional assault rifle and an SMG.

John Wick Collaboration

The data miners are at it again! According to many data miners providing useful information to the community, we will be getting a series of challenges called Wick’s Bounty and a brand new John Wick skin. This is all about the collaboration between the movie franchise and Fortnite as both titles have a huge following, both sides will surely be happy with the collab.

Another thing that we know about the challenges is that once you complete them you get an umbrella and a wrap as a reward!

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