Fortnite Season 9 Secret Battle Stars

Across all the platforms that are available, Fortnite Battle Royale features a whole lot of side events where players can get more out of their Battle Pass ticket. This includes the secret Battle Pass Stars spread throughout the map.

Since this is something that is featured every season of Fortnite, we know where to look. All the clues are found in the loading screens if you own the Battle Pass. Just launch any game and equip this week’s loading screen and look for the clues that hint the secret Battle Pass Star location.

To collect the secret Battle Star of Season 9 Week 9, you need to head straight to Mega Mall, more specifically the main entrance of it. Once you enter the mall, you will see a muscle car is displayed. Just walk towards it and the Battle Pass Star will appear at the top of the vehicle and from there you can collect it. The above picture shows the car you’re looking for.

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