Fortnite World Cup

E-sports are a big part of competitive gaming in general, whether you are playing a battle royale or an FPS, due to its nature things can get competitive pretty fast. Fortnite Battle Royale is no exception when it comes to e-sports and being competitive. Epic Games have definitely raised the bar super high when they announced that 2019’s prize pool in total was going to be $100 million. This is a huge step by Epic Games as the biggest prize pool is now standing at $24.6 million by DOTA2. That number will be behind Fortnite since the World Cup Final will have a prize pool, totaling $30 million in a single event.

Any Fortnite player that has experience with the game can try participating in the events. The online events are available each weekend. You can take a look at the schedule of your server from the link below.

Online Tournaments Schedule

Sure, all of the $100 million isn’t going to split up between all the players in just one single event but rather than that, there will be weekly tournaments each having a prize pool of $1 million. Outside of the Grand Finale of Fortnite World Cup and the weekly events, there will be online tournaments monitored by Epic. In order to participate in these tournaments, all you have to do is click on the Events tab and choose the tournament you want to compete in. Variation of the tournaments may vary depending on Solo, Duo, or Squad mode. As you progress by getting kills and wins, things will get harder. Especially after some games since you will be placed with players who have a similar score.