Fortnite World Cup Solo Standings

Fortnite World Cup Solos has been the biggest event of 2019 so far this year in e-sports. It was watched by almost 1 million people on Twitch simultaneously. Players took their turns in 6 total matches, not only trying to get a Victory Royale but kill as well. In fact, getting eliminations racked players more points than where they placed to avoid long camping durations, avoiding to combat situations, etc. Of course, this was all done not just for the fairness but to spice up things and bring excitement to the tournament.

Here are the final standings and the amount of money they earned from the prize pool.


Winners of the each match:

  • Game 1: Bugha
  • Game 2: Skite
  • Game 3: Dubs
  • Game 4: Psalm
  • Game 5: Kreo
  • Game 6: Crue

The overall winner was Bugha, a 16-year old teen from the U.S who is signed to Sentinels. He definitely has shown the world that he is the best Fortnite player that there is. Bugha took a great lead on Game 1 where he racked up a total of 9 eliminations and took the Victory Royale, earning him 19 points.

You can follow him from the links below!

Fortnite Bugha Twitch

Fortnite Bugha YouTube

Fortnite Bugha Twitter