Fortnite x John Wick Collaboration- Season 9

Data miners once again didn’t let us down on revealing some of the biggest features that we will be seeing in Fortnite Battle Royale. Although it is debatable whether data mining is something good or bad, most Fortnite players find them exciting.

The Fortnite x John Wick collab haven’t been officially announced by Epic Games as of now, but data miners have leaked the upcoming John Wick skin and the Wick’s Bounty Challenges. Once the challenges are completed which there will be five challenges, the players will get an umbrella and a wrap as a reward. Other features include with the collaboration is the John Wick house at the Paradise Palms and the Continental Hotel at Neo Tilted.

As soon as we heard this collaboration, we didn’t though that there would be a John Wick Skin as the Season 3 Tier 100 skin, Reaper, looks exactly like John Wick. Since Fortnite Battle Royale looks a little bit cartoony, both skins will look very similar to each other but the skin is coming live with the v9.01 update tomorrow in May 15.

You can see from the picture above what the skin looks like. In the movie, John Wick is a huge fan of handguns so the artwork matches his looks and seriousness. There isn’t any information available at the moment about the pricing of the skin or other ways to obtain it. We speculate that the skin will cost 2,000 V-Bucks, just like any other legendary skin in the game.