There is a trend that goes on the internet for a while that saying Fortnite is dying. That is probably due to it’s new competitor APEX Legends Twitch viewers in it’s launch day and the recent updates that have backfired for competitive Fortnite players and broadcasters on Twitch. But is this battle royale really dying? Fortnite is by far the biggest game of 2018. There is no word to say about that. Reaching over 200 million players and having 10 million concurrent players is something huge for any type of videogame.

Many speculate that the attention around APEX Legends is because of the hype around battle royale genre as there haven’t been any major free-to-play introductions to the genre. This might explain the inital success of APEX Legends, a battle royale game that had over 200.000 viewers in it’s launch day currently has less than 60K viewers at any given time. While the Fortnite is still boasting more than 100K viewers on an average.

Despite the fact that Fortnite’s community being a little bit frustrated by the current state of the game. Recent patch updates have made the game more functional again. Any videogame that has active daily player of more than 25 million could experience these types of issues. It’s incredible that APEX Legends reached high amounts of numbers in such short time, it is important not to underestimate Fortnite fans that play the game religiously.