Item shop

Unlike most games that is out there Fortnite makes money entirely on the microtransactions instead of selling a hard copy or the digital version of the game. These microtransactions only include cosmetic items, dances and prereleased game mods for the characters of players. Purchasing any of these items will not grant players an advantage when it comes to battling. Fortnite’s in-game currency V-Bucks can be used to purchase these precious items. Rougly 100 V-Bucks is equal to 1 Dollars

Most items in the Fortnite Store are available on a limited time basis. Making players to purchase V-Bucks then buy their favorite cosmetic items before they dissapear from the store. Most of these in-game items are quite bit cheaper compared to most other online videogames that rely on microtransactions. Players can purchase a cosmetic skin, dance or a pre-release game mod for around 300 to 2000 VBucks, which is only between 3 to 20 Dollars.