Season 10 – X Leaks

Fortnite Season X has just arrived but we still don’t know anything about what we will be seeing towards the end. This makes everyone and if you’re a die-hard Fortnite fan, here are a few of the leaks that might excite you!

During the Season X overview trailer, developers announced that not everything will be the same for two straight days since the orb has the ability to bend time in a way that could bring back the destroyed locations in previous events? I don’t know, Epic does all kinds of crazy. What we know now for sure is that Neo Tilted will leave its spot to Tilted Town. The leak was published by FortTory on his Twitter account.


This type of change would make sense, after all, the theme of the past season was future and this season is out of time. Considering the orb has the ability to play with time, why wouldn’t Neo Tilted go back a thousand years? On top of all this, there is another thing to consider. If we are going to be seeing locations and POIs to change once every two days, we will surely be running out of places to be replaced by the end of Season 10. After all, no more than 15 locations have been destroyed previously because of the map events. So it makes sense for Epic to come up with new locations rather than replacing with the previous ones.

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