Season X Visitor

When Season X was first launched, the huge meteor that could be seen from the Battle Bus hinted a few mysterious things that we can not get our heads around at the moment. Way back in Season 4, some sort of a short storyline was introduced and shortly after Visitor skins appeared. Now he arrived at the meteor that took Dusty Divot but there is no sign of him except his pod.

Now that it has been a year since the rift spawned the Cube, it rolled around and blew up at Loot Late. Now the energy source at the same spot has been exploded. Causing mass confusion in the Fortnite community. If this much has happened, surely, Epic Games have plans for it in the future. A wide majority of the community believes that Season X will contain another Legendary The Visitor skin.

The image below clearly states that Visitor will have to do something with the Season X’s mech, B.R.U.T.E. If it isn’t enough for declaration, I don’t know what is. Hopefully, we will get to see some action between the two or something similar to that. Now that we know he is certainly going to play a role in the storyline, our heads are turned to the future.

It isn’t obvious what he is up to but the latest fan-theories suggest that we will be going back in time to either Season 4 map or Season 1. If that would be the case, it will be something wild that nobody has ever projected before but as mentioned above, if Epic is doing something, it isn’t for nothing.