Tips and Tricks

There are many players who are constantly playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Fornite lovers mostly play the game casually but winning is more fun than losing. Especially in a game where there is only one winner between 100 players. Even if you like it or not these facts make the overall battle royale experience very competitive overall. We are giving 5 tips and tricks to stay ahead in your competitive play in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Always be on the Lookout

Whenever you get to a new area, take time to scope it out to see if anyone is camping or not. Items and tools help you a lot in order to win the game but these things are not in any good use when you are dead. So we suggest you always play safe.

Think Like an Engineer

While some bases seem indestructible, just like everything they have weak spots too. Have you ever wondered why real life constructions take too long? It’s because of the foundations of the buildings. However in a game like Fortnite where you have to do everything fast in order to gain an advantage over your opponents, this is not so possible. Whenever you see a high build, you can simply target its foundation as it is mostly the weakest point of it. You don’t even need to take your pickaxe out. If you get your hands on a rocket launcher or a grenade it will not take much of your time but simple bullets would do the work just fine.

Be a Hunter

Due to the constantly shrinking map, you will find many abandoned structures in the Fortnite world. Think smart to find out where your enemies are headed or took their position at. If you see a ramp that is leading to some places, you should always beware of where it goes. As this can give you some kind of an idea where the enemies might have headed or taken position.

Don’t Take Risks

Fortnite’s aim is to survive, not to get most kills. You can get 98 kills in a game and still lose. You should always¬†engage in an enemy when you are certain of the kill. Any gunshots wouldn’t be worth it if you can’t take down your enemy. Besides the wasted bullets, it could alert more nearby enemies to your position.

Drink Shield Potions

If you ever encounter with a blue glass bottle in Fortnite, there is a high chance that it’s a shield potion. This is probably one of the most important things that anybody who wants to win should use. Shield potions increase the maximum amount of damage by 100 points. Giving you another life basically. Imagine going against someone that has life that is as twice as yours. It is high likely that you will lose, so turn the tables to your side.